Hi there everybody,
It has been along time since the post but I have finally received and retraced all the images you sent me into my Masters Exhibition. Yay!!!
On the 28th May I opened my exhibition in Gallery O which is part of the Arts Centre of Christchurch. It is a fantastic hanging space. Apart from the odd choice of paint colours for an exhibition space this is really a beautiful room!
As you can see from the pictures I had two parts to the show, one all the shadowlines of faces made up as portraits and two a large woven piece with the same shapes as I sent out to all of you pinned to it.
Again thank you to everybody who took part in this project! If you had a photo taken and you would like me to send you an image of the shadowline created from it send me an e-mail or ask the person who photographed you to contact me.
All the shadowline portraits are made from old grey wool blankets, with the shapes that you wear made out of cream blanket. On mass they look quite amazing…if I do say so myself?!
The large red piece is made from cloth that i wove on the Polytechnic’s large computerised loom. It has the shape pattern woven and embedded in to it an they show up as a shadowy pattern. Over the top of it are pinned the shapes so that they fall down in a sequence that mimics the way in which the pieces were distributed. So there is a piece for each of the photos I received. Kind of like a family tree, or blood line?
So the show was up for a week in Christchurch and I had quite a few people through…at least more than I thought!
And on the Saturday night I had a we get together to celebrate the end of the nuttyness that comes with getting together an exhibition!
I will now see if I can get it exhibitied in Dunedin…well we will see?
Anyway I hope that you enjoy the pics and if you want me to forward you anything from this show let me know!