Oh, my goodness…can’t believe that it is already nearly spring! The weather is fanta

stic and I am starting new work. I have been trying all this year to make shapes that are new to me. So I have been making the clay stretch and grow..up and then out! I am currently working on a collection of feathery jugs…ooo err. And also urn shapes with crazy lids on them. I have just discovered that by throwing bases and then middles and then tops…I can get the clay to make a decent sized shape. Tonight I go to pottery class and I am going to finish of a Metallic Gold Black recipe and then try it out on some cheeky Russian dolls that I have just bisqued. I saw an image of Lucy Rae’s the other day of a collection of brilliant yellow and metallic bowls…man they were gorgeous! I am inspired…so I will try this combo out on my Russian Urn..if it comes back from the kiln in one piece! I have made another batch of the same white frosty matt glaze that you can see on the bowls pictured. I really like this glaze…it reminds me of animal cracker icing…yum! Right, I’ll let you know how I get on with the yellow and gold adventure…fingers crossed!
P.S check out the link for great quirky NZ made craft (my shop is The Busy Finch)…and if you are out and about around Christchurch this weekend pop into Pocket in Lyttleton for something scrummy and fab!