WOW…We Won!

OMG…just back from the World of Wearable Art in Wellington and we won the Brancott Estate Supreme Award!  We, being my sister (Natasha) and I…what an amazing experience!!!  Check out their website for images of the winners for each section…man some people are cleaver clogs.  They put so much time, effort and sheer skill into their pieces and I am so impressed with the craftsmanship of each and everybody who entered!  Yp, sorry there will be lots of exclamation marks in this post because I am in humming bird mode and everything is flipp’n great!!!!!  The show is a work of art in itself…and if you ever have the funds and opportunity to go…do it and be WOWed.  Natasha and I entered a multi piece work titled  ‘The Exchange’ that featured thousands of ceramic coins and feathers.  They each weigh appx 23-25kg and the models are real troppers to show case them on stage for us.  The idea behind the work is to acknowledge an event in our history called The Treaty of Waitangi and to show how each party has not only assimilated the gifts promised to each other but continue to create new dialogues that change and grow through changing generations of interpretation and understanding.  When we sent the work in we were nervous of how it would show but the WOW team did a tremendous job and I nearly cried when the costume comes centre stage and the two parties hongi.  Absolutley magical!  Natasha and I want to give out a massive thanks to everybody who helped and tolerated our artistic temperaments this year.
Also a big hug to everybody who has sent us their love over the past few days! xxx

What a beautiful weekend!  I have to admit that I didn’t do a single work related thing all Saturday.  Instead I took Gwen and the car for a trip around the Port Hills…ending up in Birdlings flat.  Terrifically great weather, even though it was supposed to be awful.  Took the new camera with me for a test drive and I think that it passes muster with the shot posted reflecting how truly magical spring weather can be here in Canterbury!  Today I went to the Food Show with Mum and son in toe…lots of yummy samples and some goodies brought home as well!  Just finished a flurry of Butterfly, silver and peacock blue Angels for Christmas and also the silver and white blossom baubles.  Halfway there just some birdie ribbons to finish and the inky wisteria blossoms to go…and then I just need to photograph them and then wrap them all up nice and snug in their boxes.  Oh well…next week has nearly begun and I can get on to it then!

Magical Corsiar Bay in Lyttleton Harbour

Wee silver sparkly Angels!

Hooray, the kiln is open…and the wee birdies look great!  The colours are very pretty…even the dark inky black blue will work.  I am off to find ribbons and silver stuff so that I can string them all up.  Then they will go on line ready to find new homes.  There has been some lovely stuff coming out of the kilns for students lately and with just one more week to go until the end of term, emptying the kiln just becomes more of a pleasure.  I’ll post some images of the fabulous items that my creative wee mud bunnies are making over the next week.  Until then…onwards and upwards and to the ribbons!

                                                                        Wee ickle birdies!

Christmas Decorations…oohhh yeah!

Right oh, having spent an entire weekend at home with the cat facing the ominous task of spring cleaning…I am back in the studio this morning with only a few battle scars!  The bush that was threatening to cut off my only supply of light has been clipped into submission, the cupboard that pretends to hold important business stuff in it has been de-cluttered (and is now rather empty) and one set of drawers likewise thoroughly explored and all findings definitely indicate that I should STOP buying pens!!! I have in the meantime come in and emptied out my bisque kiln so that I can dip and drizzle my little bone china birdie decorations in some yummy new glazes.  As you can see below they are tucked nicely into the warm kiln and I will await the firing with bated breath.  Yay, so happy when I get a kiln loaded ready to go!  I am also going to find some lurvely ribbons to go with my other wee hanging birdie baubles and have a go at stringing up the ink spattered blossom droplets.  Fun times ahead!

Back in Post Quake Creativity!

Hi there, I haven’t been here for a while due to Earthquake craziness.  It looks like this year is finally settling out to be a shakey free zone and things are returning to normal.  Although what is normal!  I have been back in the big studio at Peterborough Street and we had a fab open evening last night featuring lampworker Selmar Rainey, medieval small embellishment pewter caster Sebastian Denize and Bridget McKendry from Makercrate.  Whoo oohh…fantastic effort from everybody who participated in this Crafty Business event. Just unloaded a test glaze kiln and I am very excited with the results!  This new year has been an opportunity to get of my wheel and sort out a new colour palette…all those sample cards and vessels seem to be working…whew!  Off to a crafty social event tomorrow night with my fellow mud buddy Gwen at The Pedal Pusher…I think that a wee tipple of cider is due!

New glaze sample cards!