Getting ready for Festa!

Hi all, just in the middle of getting ready for Festa!  This will probably be the last time that I take my tried and true pink and sea blue product range to market…so come along and grab a piece while you still can!!!  After this I will be hopefully selling my new Inky product range and some we goodies that I am making with WOW bits and pieces…watch this space.  In the mean time I have been ferreting around in my boxes finding all sorts of goodies to take to market.  The Festa market is from 6-12pm on Saturday and Sunday night in the Christchurch ‘Craft’thedral Square this weekend.  There should be plenty of great stalls with Abbie from The Craft Collective organizing the market event…what a girl we love her!  So if you are into early, organized Christmas shopping come along and grab a wee special. I will be there with sparkle lights and goodies!!!  The twilight time of day is excellent to explore all the other happenings that Festa are putting on around the City as well…check out

‘To market, to market to sell a pink jug!’

Portage Ceramic Awards 2013

It’s been a super busy few weeks! No time to snooze after the World of Wearable Art Awards!  I have been up to Auckland with my beautiful son to the opening of the Portage Ceramic Awards 2013.  At which I was privileged enough to be an exhibitor and what an amazing show it was!  The venue was The Silos at the Auckland waterfront and even though it must have been an extremely challenging space to set up because of all the concrete…it was fabulous.  Well done to you Lopdell  House!  I think that the thing that struck me the most was how well the moodiness of the lighting and the grey concrete set the ceramic art works off.  There were wee nooks and crannies to find around temporary walls that were set up and each silo space had a mini themed exhibition…very clever!  It was a massive event with a great turn out.  I regret that I had no time to go back the next day to photograph in situ.  My Bye, Bye Birdie II was cleverly installed on the back wall of another flock of Huia and because of the snug space between it and the silo wall it meant that the audience was encouraged to get up and personal with all the details.
I highly recommend having a look at to get a peek at the exhibition and winners…hopefully they will continue to post images from the event.  The catalog is defiantly a must too…very collectable and beautifully put together…if you can get you hands on one buy it!