Tis the season for markets and making!

Hi all, the market last weekend was fantastic!  
Sooo many talented people selling great New Zealand Handmade:-)
I debuted my new ceramics range and it was very favorably received…thank you very much!  I only had to wrap up about 6 wee pots to bring home.  Super Yay!  So this week I have been busy making more pots and also trying out some plates.  I know… I said that I would never make plates but I found a wee oval mold that as it happens takes exactly 600 gms of clay to make.  So really I can’t ignore the fact that this goes with my 300gm pot philosophy.  I am a bit numbers mental and this tickles my fancy.  I will post some pics if they come out o.k.  
I have also been helping a friend get ready for her market this weekend at Addington Fun Day run at St Mary’s church here in Christchurch.  A great fund raising event for the local community.  The weather is super hot here to day so fingers crossed there is also great weather on the cards for Saturday!  She has made some really beautiful decorations, pots and jugs based around a wrap cylinder.  They are very contemporary and have luscious glazes of honey and greeny bluey celedon teamed up with glossy white applied to them.  The decorations are adorable and have her trade mark collection of blingy beads as hangers on them…the wee sparkle magpie!  So if you are looking for something fun to do this week end come along to St Mary’s in Adding Square on Saturday!
I will leave you with some pics of my table last Saturday and I’ll post some of this Saturdays market next week.  Have a great day and I’ll check in soon!

It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Hi there,
Sorry to follow on so closely from my last post…but time is running out this year and there is heaps to pack in!  
The “It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!’ market is on this Saturday at the Christchurch Polytech.  Yay, there will be over 80 stalls all with handmade pressies for the elves to pack for Santa.  Abbie from The Craft Collective is an amazing market organizer and I am sure that this will be one of the best…especially now that Christmas really is hiding around the corner. 
 I think that it is amazing when you get a really beautiful hand crafted present.  In fact I often think ‘but why?’ when I am given mass produced pressies.  I know it sounds a bit snobby but I want someone to feel that they are giving away a real treasure.. .especially when they are spending few and far between pennies…don’t you think?! 
So in amongst all the sparkly jewellery, well made kiddies wear and unique art I will be offering up to the public for the first time (nail biting) my new ceramic collection.  I have been on a journey of discovery with my pottery this year, experimenting with colors, shapes and techniques.  
I have chosen a handful of my favorite color samples and applied them to a variety of vessels and jugs made from 300gms of clay. I’ve really loved making these wee pots because there is next to no clay wastage and the colors evoke the bluey beachy hues of summer.  They remind me of one of my favorite picnic spots Corsair Bay, just past Lyttleton.  It’s always a very busy wee picnic spot but I’ll let you into a wee secret of mine…if you go mid to late afternoon with a chair that you are happy to get wet with a nice wide umbrella you can plant yourself in the warmed tidal water facing out into the harbor and all those picnic goers behind you squashed onto the beach just disappear…amazingly simple…I know!
Anywho…I will also have my new China White collection which is made from New Zealand China Clay and took a lot of rejects and recycling to get right.  They are very subtle and also Scandinavianish…massive heads up to Kirsite Van Noort who inspired me to get moving with experimenting in my studio…wow what a super talent she is…check her out on http://vimeo.com/55531758 and you’ll see what I mean.   A super cool pressie and a must for the hard to aesthetically buy for.  
And of course last but not least Christmas decorations…ahhhhhh….I love Christmas decorations!  They are one of the things that I look forward to seeing every year…and I have been making plenty…so there better be some new homes out there for them to got to…yes you! 
I have just finished teaching pottery to all my lovely newbies and when I have finished here I will pop off to bed and dream of new muddy projects…sleep well everybody and see you on Saturday if you are able to…if not check out my shop for a wee treasure at http://felt.co.nz/search/all/thebusyfinch!  xx
Corsair Bay…just waiting for a deck chair!
 The wee 300gm vessels…beachy right?!
 China White…just unloading a kiln load tomorrow…all toasty for Saturday!
 Tinker Angels…as my 2 1/2 yr old neice Catalina calls them
They all come packaged in boxes with ribbons…which she keeps giving to my cat, Bessy
who is now sitting on a fairly large stock pile of them…not comfortable but apparently necessary.
Who am I to argue with the young business minds of today!
 Butterfly Wisteria Droplets…just sounds nice!
 Ooo…these are my china clay finchs…I love these and I hope they fly off to good homes!
 And finally for the discerning…simple white and silver porcelain baubles.

Art, Sun and Fun on the Peninsular!

Hi all, I must just write a quick word about the Sculpture on the Peninsular this weekend.  
Wow what a show!  Held at historic Louden Farm on Banks Peninsular just before Charteris Bay.  There were more than 170 works available to purchase and a knees up opening with an auction of chairs by various well known artists.  The opening night was brilliant with lots of food, fun and music.  I think that there was a huge turn out and it was exciting discovering all the wee hiding places of the sculptures dotted around the landscape.  I was super impressed with the job that Gill Hay and her team did…well done those people! 
The weather was absolutely beautiful all weekend and apparently that meant record visitors.  My Leather Feather Apron and Cleaver went to a new home, YAY, and when I went to pick up the remains of my exhibition piece I discovered my mum, brother and little niece seated in comfy folding chairs soaking up the art and sun.  They had only meant to go for an hour but ended up the whole afternoon there! 
 I have put a few pics in for you…and hopefully in a couple of years I’ll be back showing there and you too can get along for art, sun and fun!
Jane Armour Houses in Situ
I love the way the grass has grown up around them, making them look even stranger.

Eggs et al Laid Cheryl Lucus and Community
Hundreds of ceramic eggs all made by the community

 Global warming I, Hamish Southcott
The most marvelous iron polar bear buying bags of iron riveted ice!
Bye Bye Birdie Tatyanna Meharry

Sculpture on the Penisula 2013

Hi all…few, just finished hanging the last exhibition for the year!  The Sculpture on the Peninsula showcases dozens of fabulous New Zealand sculptors works.  All the works are installed around the wonderful site of historical Loudon Farm on the Christchurch Banks Peninsula.  My work titled Bye Bye Birdie is made from a collection of ceramic pieces that respond to the historic ornithological collecting of the now extinct bird species ‘Huia’, culled as if they were nothing more than chickens. There are buckets with ceramic bones, feathers, and skulls.  A black leather apron swinging from a carcass hook covered in thousands of black ceramic feathers and a black ceramic cleaver lying casually on a wooden block.  The opening gala night is this Friday with the grounds open to viewing for the public over the weekend. Check out  http://www.sculpturenz.co.nz for more details and come along!  I will be out there on Friday night to celebrate the marvelous collection of works and also intend to go out for a family picnic for a good nose around on Saturday.  Fingers crossed that the weather is as fantastic as it was today! 

 Leather Feather Apron & Cleaver
Jane Armours wee houses!