What a Fantasic Open Studio!

Hi all, Saturday was fantabulous!  The sun was shinning, the plants were bloomin’ and I was visited by all my favorite people!  My fabulous sister Natasha helped me set up on the day, she was a real trooper!  In fact it was so warm we thought that we might melt before everything kicked off at 4pm.  Luckily some keen visitors showed up early and helped to finish off the set up before that happened…ta very much!  I bought a couple of new pine table tops for some old trestle legs that I had painted shinny black.  They looked great especially with the vessels and bowls set up on them. The plates were a great success and really helped to break up the vessels on the tables.  I made some rocky ceramic jewellery which was very popular.  I spent the previous day making sterling silver fittings…reminding myself with every curse why I don’t make a lot of jewelry any more.  But the ‘rocky’ rings were a hit with only one lonely left-over that I thought better have a home in my jewellery box!  I was super impressed with the way my garden stood up to being dressed all in pottery paraphernalia.  I have a black wooden fence on two sides and when I discovered that I could screw into them there was no stopping me.  I have two charming vintage wooden drawers with porcelain handles that made perfect jewelry and display cases…so up on the fence they went.  Also a pair of old picture frames with linen covered foam board to pin into…made fantastic jewelery pin boards.  Oh and a pair of super hideous 80’s pine wall shelves left over from some high school project …just a bit of black paint and ‘voila’ screw them to the fence and place basalt pottery cups on!  My wee abode is all concrete block walls inside  so I feel really liberated now that I know my fence can be used as display walls so easily. Hmm, I wonder if I can mount my TV on it and have out door movies??!!! Anyway I highly recommend it to all!  Even my Huia Trophies could be nailed up on the fence and they looked marvelously spooky.  We had bubbles for all in a large tin washing tub of ice and some super yummy home made mince tarts for all who ventured past the garden gate!  I got to chat to lots of you lovely people who I haven’t seen for a while and also some of my enthusiastic students that came for a little look see.  Some took hand made goodies for their Christmas stockings and some just came for a vino and a nibble.  The day was a huge success as a wee thank you to all who have helped and inspired me this year.  
I have now finished all my classes and I am off to Nelson next week for a wee holiday…oh yeah here I come pottery capital of New Zealand!

Christmas Open Studio!

Hi all!  It has been a stupidly chaotic couple of weeks.  I have been busy going to markets, making lots of pots and finishing of the last of my pottery classes for this year!  Phew…I’m looking forward to a wee breather over Christmas!  Sadly, I can’t do the Encraftment Christmas market in the Christchurch Cathedral Square this year so instead I am having my first Open Studio at my place to say thank you for all the marvelous support from everybody this year.  I will have the new pot collection available and also the much requested ceramic buckets full of birdie bits for people who want to take home a little token from work at The Sculpture on the Peninsular (those who choose to bring a little pocket money along!).  I have been working on some tokens inspired by our WOW entry and also hopefully some extra bitties if I am organized enough!  On Sunday my beautiful son helped to get the garden sorted out so I am hoping for some good weather to set up this Saturday outside.  It really is surprising how much room you have underneath the plethora of weeds that sneak up when you’re not looking!  Anyway three green bins full of weeds later and the garden looks perfectly respectable and I even have some fabulous blousy pink peonies in bloom.  I have just loaded my last glaze kiln for my studio this year…and fingers crossed the new plates that I put in come out o.k.  Next week will be a mad blur of kiln loading to get all the student work through…and then ahhhh…I can go on a wee holiday before Christmas…YAY!

 Lovely Bloomin’ Garden!
 Wash day before Open Night!