Happy Christmas my little pottery Elves!

Well that time of the year has arrived!  All the kilns have been emptied and the results are on their way home to be wrapped as ceramic gifties for all!

I have enjoyed the year with you all and I can’t believe that we have come to the end of it already!  I hope that you have learned and done things that you wanted to and that I will see you again for a very exciting pottery year again in 2015!

Thank you to everybody who helped to clean the pottery room, it is now ready for new adventures next year…I am most grateful.

The colourful ceramic cups for charity look fantastic and I am sure that they will be much appreciated by those who receive them,  we will be delivering them to The City Mission on Monday afternoon.  Thank you again to all who participated! xxx

Over the holiday break I hope to go and visit a few pottery studios and if I do I will post intermittently…so you can see what I have been up to.

Otherwise I hope to either see you on Saturday for a drinky nibble at my OPEN STUDIO or if not I wish you a safe and peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year full of new pottery adventures to come!

I leave you with the final images of goodies from the kiln in 2014 and the pottery charity cups.


Tatyanna a.k.a The Busy Finch xxx

p.s please make sure you are enrolled early and please do spread the word to all!