Pottery on the other side!

Hi all,

I hope you are all enjoying your time with Gwen…your samples look amazing!

It’s been a busy time in the kilns at Risingholme with samples going in for bisquing and then samples coming out again…all sorts of glorious jewel like shades!  Gwen has given me some images below to post for you fellas to see.  I am a tiny bit jealous that I am not there to see!  Hopefully you will all leave the samples at Risingholme for a couple of weeks until I get back so that I can oogle them too!  I think that you should have a really fascinating time looking at them all, figuring out what made what colour and selecting some for your own colour palette when you come back next week.

In the mean time in London, Barcelona and Paris I have been busy looking at all sorts of sights and been to some pretty great shows and studio spaces.

When I arrived CERAMIC ART LONDON was on for the weekend.  This show cased a couple of hundred ceramic artists and potters.  Amazing and incredible!  There were also talks given by various speakers on various topics to do with ceramics and the industry.  One of these talks was by Kate Malone about an architectural project that she collaborated on and I had the opurtuinty to go and see the building completed in Saville Row after the talk.  Wow…talk about yummy!  All covered in thousands of white and black crystalline tiles. Absolutely fantastic!  I did a cheeky intro to Kate Malone and managed to wangle a studio visit…which I did last Sunday before going to the awesome COLLECT show at the Saatchi Gallery in London.   This show brings together some of the finest art dealer galleries in Europe and shows their best craft based artists…you can buy if your pockets are deep enough.  I just oogled, took photos and breathed in the crafty atmosphere for free instead!

The  other highlights in london have been working with Clare Twomey on her 10,000 bowls project.  I showed up at Westminster University one Friday morning and by 12-30 we had made 80 bowls…a small fraction of the amount going into the installation for the opening of the new York Gallery…but cool to be part of it never the less!  The 10,000 bowls are all cast by various volunteers and Clares studio team to represent the time in hours it takes to become a master at your skill.  So repetition really does pay off!

The other studio visit that I made was to Louisa Taylor.   What a beautiful generous and very talented soul she is. I figured out which was the best transport to her southeast london studio and when I arrived she treated me to a lovely cuppa and a delicious home made butterfly cake! I was very heartily welcomed.   We spent the afternoon chatting while she and her studio assistant did some glazing. The studio had been downsized recently and was very compact and funtional.  She treated me to a view of some of her new works from the residency she had with The Victoria and Albert Museum.  They were very beautiful and thoughtful,  based on the relationship of food serving and historical decoration.  I loved the way she used real imprints of fruits and foods as a decorative feature and also has used a beautiful soft milky white pallete highlighted by some soft greens and aubergine.  Wow…amazing and I can see how more new work could be generated from all her new ideas.

Well I am in Amsterdam at the moment unable to post any more images. ..cos of terrible internet access…but if you tune into The Busy Finch Facebook page I am trying to post images as I go! (follow the link on your newsletter)

Otherwise I will have a show n tell thingy ma giggy when I get back!

Remember to bring your own boards to class for Gwen have fun and I’ll see you all soon!




a.k.a The Busy Finch 🙂