Back in the pottery saddle and we’re all making T Pots!

Hi all my lovelies,


I am back in the pottery saddle again…making and teaching to my hearts content!

It will be a busy few months with lots of stock to make…my cupboards are bare, lots of exhibition work to get organised and heaps of new faces and familiar ones at Risingholme for teaching.  Hello ALL!

My blog posts have been a bit rubbish over the past 3 months…believe me I did try.  But the inter-web was much harder that I had anticipated connecting to when I was away.  It doesn’t help if you have a stupid…grrrrrrr…computer that likes to tell you you need a wifi update so you can connect to the internet and when it gives you this option says ‘sorry cannot connect  to the internet…you need an update?!!!  I mean really (can you imagine what look I have on my face!)

Any who I am back here again and ready to share with you all my nautical adventures during class or if you are coming to my open studio next Saturday.

While I was away you attacked the very complicated ‘you need a degree in Xcel’ glazing task with gusto.  There were some fantastic samples and now that I have photographed most of them they are ready to go home with you….we will have some bench space back to create more muddy madness on!  I was gob smacked by all the spectacular colour combinations and useful information that we gleaned by doing this mammoth task.  One of these was how to make Abbots Red glaze look better in combination with another glaze…or in some cases worse.  The variety of colours that Matt Brown turns with other glazes and strangely enough for a matt glaze how Oatmeal can make other glazes go super runny!


Some of the T Pots have been making there way through the kilns and they are all marvelous!  I am hoping that they will be on display for next terms class exhibition ‘The Mad Potters’ T Party”.  They are all different shapes and sizes and made in a variety of different ways so are all unique and individual.  I hope that you have discovered how to get the clay to play ball and it is beginning to make shapes that you like.  Sometimes though your pots can look a little odd when you first make them but with a little sponge TLC suddenly when they are glazed they will look quite different…remember to have a little faith in them.  One reminder though when it comes time for glazing…remember the 1 full dip and then 1/3 top dip if you want to put more than one glaze on top of one another…this way you can hopefully minimize the glaze mixing and running off and sticking your pot to the kiln shelf!

I leave you with some of the goodies out of the kiln this week and wish you a safe and warm weekend!


Tatyanna a.k.a The Busy Finch

p.s big hugs to Gwen the pottery helper for doing a marvelous job of teaching in my place while I was away! xx

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    1. Hi there, Sorry to say that i have absolutely none left! I have a show opening at Form Gallery next week 8th Feb with some new small bits and pieces in it if you would like to come along 5.30pm. cheers Tatyanna 🙂

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