Over the past few years I have been striving to create simple, beautiful pots and accessories for the home.  I use New Zealand white clay, china clay, porcelain and glaze them with a colour palette that mimics the subtle tones found in the landscape.  Each pot has been weighed and created so that there is very little waste.  The ceramics industry can be very damaging to the environment and the resources that are used are often not renewable, so it is important to me that the pots I create are made to be treasured and not land fill.  I try to run my studio so that there is as much recycling of materials as possible along the way.

300 series .

This collection takes its name from the weight of clay used to make each vessel. 300 grams of white New Zealand clay with a coat of bone china that runs down the rounded surfaces. The glazes are inspired by the colours found in drawing and sketching the water. Three hand thrown vessels are individually created on the wheel shaped as a rounded jug, a straight sided beaker and a round bellied bowl. No two pieces are alike! Oval pebble like plates, T Cups and spoons are available as well.

China White .

I made this collection because of the startling comparison made between bright white china clay and crisp white paper. The white surface is interrupted tentatively with a fine line on the very rim of the vessel. Colours are inspired by various drawing tools . There is a spatter mimicked from the flick of a fountain pen, an ink blue rim and a swish of an inky brush. Each piece is hand cast from bone china and is available in a set that features each type of vessel.


Stockists .

felt .

The Gift Shop . 920 Colombo Street .  St Albans .  Christchurch

Little Beehive Co Op . 123 Hardy Street . Nelson

World of Wearable Art Museum . Cadillac Way . Nelson

Wellington Apothecary . 76 Ghuznee Street . Te Aro . Wellington

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  1. Hi there
    I am interested in buying a few more of your cups (for a gift). Living in Chch- best place for this The Gift Shop? Or do you have a studio also? If you get this would be great to know for tomorrow (Mon 28th Sept). Cheers- Melissa

    1. Hi there, sorry I have been away in Wellington and I am only now just back. Yes you can purchase my products at The Gift Shop, The Flock or online at Felt…search TheBusyFinch. I hope that this helps. cheers Tatyanna a.k.a The Busy Finch.

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